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As my husband of 21 years so perfectly stated, "Love never goes out of style." 


Personalized Prints Celebrating Life's Best Moments

A girl’s wedding day is something she dreams of almost from the moment she can even remember dreaming. We pretend with our Barbies and dolls as children, we imagine as teenagers as we lay in our beds at night hoping for “him” to call, and once “he” does finally show up as adults we are overtaken with making the day all we dreamed it could be. I love that in just a small way we are able to be a part of that “perfect day”. 

Define Design 11 had its start in kind of a funny little way. It was a lazy Sunday morning. My husband and two daughters and I were having a pancake breakfast and my oldest daughter, Shelby, pulls out her markers and starts drawing. “Draw with me, Momma?” she asked. I began to doodle out a sketch of something I was thinking about putting up in the girls’ rooms. This is the print I call “Sisters”. I have two sisters and three daughters. I think it's very appropriate that DD11 began from a place so incredibly dear to my heart. After all, LOVE is what we’re all about!